2019: mobile only in Poland.

2019: mobile only in Poland.

Nearly every third Pole would like to pay for everything using a mobile phone. Experts opinions of the largest banking and trading companies have a coherent effect: the mobile potential is increasingly being used. The data contained in the fourth edition of the POLSKA.JEST.MESTI report presents Poland as a country aspiring to the mobile-only category.


According to data from TNS Kantar regarding smartonization in Poland, 64% of the population uses a smartphone. Despite the fact that the yearly observed penetration of smartphones lost its dynamics (in 2017 there was only a 2-percent jump in relation to 2016), the use of the mobile channel is noticeably changing. Almost half of respondents declare that they use mobile devices for over 2 hours a day. In addition, 47% of respondents believe that they do not use a mobile phone too much, much less see the problem associated with it - it declares 29% of them. It is expected that this year Poland will join the group of mobile-only countries (where the time spent on "phones" exceeds 50% in relation to the tablet and PC).

Great winner - social media

The data indicate that Poles perform on average 11 types of online activities during the week. Online space is dominated by social media - 72% of respondents use it daily. Among the most popular are: Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. These have become the domain of mobile devices - almost half of users (48%) browse social networks through smartphones. The most common activity on the Internet that Poles make using smartphones, however, is reading the message - 53% of respondents declare, which is a 9% advantage over PC. Only every fourth respondent receives and sends emails most often using a smartphone. Considering that the percentage of Internet users in Poland with a telephone with access to the network is high - 83, the need to effectively use time for mobile activity on the Internet becomes noticeable. Every second Pole admits that he would like to have access to the services of state institutions online, and almost every third would prefer to pay for everything using a mobile phone.

M-commerce in Poland

Poles' shopping behavior shows that within 3 months, 40% of us make at least one online purchase. The fashion and electronics industries are the most popular. TNS Kantar's research shows that the share of smartphones in the online shopping process is 31%, with a clear indication of mobile phones, stimulants and alcoholic beverages as the most-bought. Attention is drawn to the fact that the entire shopping path, including the finalization of the purchase from the smartphone level, concerns 22% of buyers. Dariusz Knopiński, Development Manager at Allegro, emphasizes that there is a very fast adaptation of smartphones to search and obtain information about products and services. He adds that in terms of mobile traffic in European countries, Poland is at the forefront.

Mobile sensitive

Changes oriented to the customer's comfort are forecasted, including by implementing voice technology, improving logistics and online payments. Development is also progressing towards faster, better and more convenient solutions. Mobile versions of websites are increasingly being replaced by applications. Grzegorz Kućma, Project Manager at Answear, notes that the company has recorded an increase in the number of transactions conducted via mobile channel year on year. "In 2017, the number of" mobile-only "customers increased significantly, by as much as 16%. And thanks to the mobile application introduced in mid-2017, the percentage of these customers is constantly growing. In addition, application statistics show that users spend much more time in it than on the mobile version of the site. This, in turn, translates into a higher conversion rate and the average value of the basket. "- says Kućma.


The predictions of experts regarding m-commerce are consistent in one respect: the potential for development is huge, mainly due to the progress of technology and the numerous new offers available on the market. Poles are becoming more open to this channel of shopping, and their trust in e-payments is also growing. - Today the biggest challenge for software developers is to keep up with the expectations of buyers. Currently, modeling of e-commerce solutions is already carried out in the mobile first model. This is the result of the ever-increasing traffic from mobile devices. These devices give you the opportunity to buy products from anywhere, anytime. We predict that soon most transactions in Poland will be carried out by mobile - sums up Damian Sinior, Sales Director at Media4u.

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