Discover Cartalo

Cartalo is the newest version of our software released in 2018. It is highly focused on delivering as much comfort in operating the webshop to administrator as possible. The solution is driven by the simple goal - achieve excellence in business. With each feature supporting sale actions with minimum effort required Cartalo is a time saver. You can do more in convenient manner than other systems offer. It is a dedicated e-commerce system that:

can be customized for sale of any type of products or services
can be configured to work with many languages and currencies
is integrated with the most popular online payment systems and shipping, courier and packaging services


mobile-first approach, UI material design and the three-click rule

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Scalable System

easy integration and implementation

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tools and solutions to improve site positioning

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freedom with changing main site's layout

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up to 3 years guarantee

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only reliable workflow solutions

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